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COMANCO Making Progress on Ash Landfill Stormwater Improvement Project in Central, FL

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COMANCO Environmental has commenced construction on a stormwater improvement job in Palatka, FL.

The project intends to control, manage, and separate stormwater runoff from the closed landfill, including the process of water runoff coming from the Effluent Process Facility (EPF) on site. Overall, general site maintenance and upgrades, including enhancement of surrounding access roads, are being completed too. This project will encompass a wide variety of activities, including earthwork operations, installing geomembrane liner, geotextile, geocomposite, HDPE pipe, precast stormwater structures, fabriform, and electrical/mechanical works associated with new pumps to be installed.

Recently, the access road to the top of the closed landfill was built and topped with reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). An adjacent stormwater flume is currently being fine grade, which will be covered with erosion control matting (fabriform) that will be pumped with grout to help distribute stormwater & mitigate erosion. Please see below for some progress photos.