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COMANCO Completes Final Layer at Trail Ridge Landfill

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COMANCO Completes Final Layer, Phase 6, at Trail Ridge Landfill in Jacksonville, Florida. 

COMANCO completes the 6th and final layer of geosynthetics (Primary Geocomposite layer) and Leachate Collection System at the Trail Ridge Landfill in Jacksonville, Florida, a project that broke ground in 2022. Because the 30-acre containment site needed a 6-layer geosynthetic system, the crew used 180 acres of material to finish the expansion. 

The final product includes just under 10 million SF of liner. Overall, COMANCO installed two layers of White 60-mil HDPE textured liner, two layers of Geosynthetic Clay Liner, and two layers of DS 275-mil 8-oz Geocomposite to line the interior of the cell, as well as 150,000 SF of 8mil DuraSkrim for the Stormwater Diversion Berm. 

Additionally, our team installed around 5,850 LF of piping for the Leachate Collection System. The piping products COMANCO used included 4″ HDPE SDR17 Gravity Pipe, 8″ Perforated SDR 15.5 Collection Pipe, 8″ Solid & Perforated HDPE SDR 17 Gravity Pipe, 24″ & 18″ HDPE Leachate & Sediment Riser Pipe, Primary & Secondary Leachate Sump Piping, and Primary & Secondary Leachate Pumps with a Control Panel. 

Because of the extensive 6-Layer Geosynthetic System + Leachate Collection System leachate leakage cannot enter the water table. The immense scale of work required COMANCO to collaborate with multiple other contractors. The crew had to use constant communication to coordinate with the additional on-site teams to keep the project moving forward safely and efficiently overall. 

Another critical element making this project unique is the team’s utilization of GPS Survey & CAAB for Quality Assurance/Quality Control. COMANCO is committed to delivering safe & quality service for every job and client. Whether the project is a simple repair or an extensive expansion, COMANCO has you covered. 


COMANCO is an environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment facilities. We are the nation’s leading service provider to the geosynthetics marketplace. 

Landfills are one of COMANCO’s major markets. A solid waste landfill is a complex, engineered system.  They contain many components working together to meet environmental containment standars. COMANCO meets or exceeds all current safety and quality control standards. 

Using COMANCO’s proprietary software and GPS satellite technology, we can provide a geographically accurate renderings. These renderings include the physical detail, elevation, and panel by the number of the site. This accuracy leaves no room for error.