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COMANCO Completes 16-Acre New Landfill Cell in North Florida

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COMANCO recently completed a new 16-acre landfill cell in Northeast Florida.

The new cell will provide for an increased waste capacity while helping to prevent leachates from getting into area groundwater supplies.

The project required 1,502,386 SF of 60mil HDPE White Textured Geomembrane, 2,422 LF of Tie-in Extrusion Welding, 1,488,531 SF of 330mil DS Geocomposite, 157,716 SF of non-woven Geotextile and 72,587 CY of protective cover.

After COMANCO crews installed the 4-layer liner system, a 2ft protective cover was imported and placed over the liner material.

Multiple liner and earthwork crews coordinated work schedules around changing Florida weather patterns.

With over 2,400 import trucks stockpiling the protective cover material needed, the COMANCO crews worked together to safely & efficiently complete the job ahead of schedule.

Congratulations on a job well done for this crew, who had a 99.3% passing rate on the 139 DTs performed.