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COMANCO’s Annual Maintenance Training

COMANCO’s Annual Maintenance Training: Ensuring a Safe and Secure Workforce Optimizing productivity and safety at COMANCO is a top priority as we kick off 2024. To ensure our workforce operates safely, COMANCO schedules Annual Maintenance Training. These comprehensive sessions act …

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COMANCO Employees Complete Pipe Fusion Training

COMANCO Employees Complete Pipe Fusion Training Course This past month, a group of COMANCO Employees participated in a specialized Pipe Fusion training course. Over the two-day training period, Jay Hicks and Roberto Fernandez trained 18 COMANCO employees in the newly …

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The Value of Training and Certification

Ten COMANCO Employees Demonstrate the Value of Training and Certification with Online Trenching and Excavation Course Learning new things in a classroom is often the best way to prepare for action, like a football team reviewing plays in the locker …

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Equipment Operators Complete Excavator Training

COMANCO’s Equipment Operators Complete Excavator Training as a Preventative Safety Measure.  The proper training is crucial as an equipment operator on a job site. Large machines, like Excavators, can be potentially dangerous in untrained hands. That’s why COMANCO sent six …

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Staying Safe: Defensive Driver Training

Staying Safe: COMANCO Employees Complete Defensive Driver Training COMANCO makes it easy to stay safe by requiring comprehensive safety training. Recently, employees completed one of our most essential training courses; defensive driving. Our team went to St. Petersburg, where they got …

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COMANCO Pipe Fusion Training

Enhancing Teamwork through Pipe Fusion Training at COMANCO At COMANCO, we prioritize teamwork and continuous improvement, which is why we organize comprehensive Pipe Fusion Training. This training aims to enhance employees’ skills and foster a collaborative work environment. Thus, this …

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COMANCO’s Emerging Managers: Group 3 Training

Fostering Growth Within COMANCO’s Latest Training Empowers Emerging Managers At COMANCO, investing in our employees’ growth and development is imperative and a testament to our commitment to excellence. We are thrilled to announce our latest training program designed exclusively for …

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COMANCO Project Leader Training- Group 2

Introducing Group 2: Empowering COMANCO’s Project Leaders through Hands-on Training COMANCO’s second group of project leaders successfully completes hands-on leadership training. This dynamic program brought together 13 individuals, including Project Managers, Engineers, Superintendents, and Foremen, who eagerly embraced a two-day …

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COMANCO Project Leader Training- Group 1

COMANCOs Group 1 Project Leader Complete Hands-on Training at Streamsong Our Project Leaders at COMANCO are starting the holiday weekend with some hands-on Leadership Training, and it’s been an exciting experience! A group of 13 individuals, including Project Managers, Engineers, …

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