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William “Billy’ Wilson Receives Promotion

William ‘Billy’ Wilson Receives Promotion to Foreman With COMANCO.

Join us in celebrating as former Operator William ‘Billy’ Wilson receives promotion to Foreman. COMANCO is proud to be able to announce another well-deserved promotion from within.

For over seven years, Billy Wilson progressed significantly in his previous role as an Operator. As a result of his drive and responsibility he has earned himself the title of Foreman.

Through his dedication, accomplishments, and desire for excellence, Billy has risen to the next level in his career with COMANCO. Because of his diligence, we are confident William will continue conquering any new challenge that comes his way.

We offer our sincerest congratulations to him on his advancement! Amazing work! As William ‘Billy’ Wilson receives promotion to Foreman, COMANCO recognizes the importance of growth in the workplace.


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