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COMANCO’s Annual IAGI Recertification

COMANCO’s Employees Complete Annual IAGI Recertification COMANCO takes every opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to providing high-quality Geosynthetics installations. This attitude is reflected in all of our employees, 9 of whom renewed their CWT (Certified Welding Technician) Certification through IAGI …

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COMANCO Promotes Ubaldo Mancilla

COMANCO Promotes Ubaldo Mancilla to Leadman.  Join us in celebrating as COMANCO promotes Ubaldo Mancilla from Lead QA/QC Technician to Leadman. For over fifteen years, Ubaldo Mancilla has risen to the occasion of conquering new challenges and taking on new …

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 NINE COMANCO EMPLOYEES COMPLETE THE IAGI CERTIFIED WELDING TECHNICIAN (CWT) PROGRAM.  COMANCO’s welders stand out because of their IAGI Welding Technician Certifications. This past month, 9 COMANCO employees completed IAGI CWT program training and will receive their CWT Certification! The …

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COMANCO Makes Progress in Mississippi

Progress Advances in Mississippi as COMANCO Continues Closure Turf Installation  Progress advances in Pascagoula, Mississippi, as COMANCO installs ClosureTurf over a 71-acre containment zone. COMANCO began Phase 1A in 2019 and presently makes progress on the third stage, Phase 1C. With the …

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Employee Training is Full Steam Ahead

Employee Training Is Full Steam Ahead On Account of New Development Program  COMANCO’s Employee Training Program (ETP) is full steam ahead due to new internal development procedures. Each month, experienced liner technicians guide recent hires during ETP to teach them …

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