Updated Progress: Landfill Cell Expansion in Bartow, Florida


Not even a full 10 calendar days since the start of the 6 layer liner system installation at the Cedar Trail Landfill in Bartow, Florida; and the cell is already receiving the 2’ of protective sand cover. Led by superintendents Arnulfo Martinez and Bill Newman, the crews are working together tirelessly to complete the project this month. Since February 27th (start of liner installation), the Secondary GCL, Liner, and Composite Drainage Net layers are 90% installed, and the Primary GCL, Liner, and Composite Drainage Net are right behind. Also completed since then is the installation of both the two 48” Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culverts in the perimeter ditches surrounding the cell. The protective sand cover placement began yesterday starting at the West end and working to the East of this 10+ Acre cell expansion. The importance of working safe and staying aware of each employee’s surroundings is stressed every morning during the Daily Safety Meetings. Attached are some progress photographs since liner installation commenced.