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Defensive Driving Held in Louisiana


COMANCO’s Louisiana Operations participated in a defensive driving school administered by Driving Dynamics on Friday March 8, 2013.  The school provides both classroom presentations and outside driving simulations.  Instructors Cindy, Stan, and Dennis were on hand to explain the dangers of driving, as well as new laws and regulations that have been adopted in recent years.  The class was separated into two groups, which alternated between classroom and road course.  The classroom consisted of reviewing a driving manual and PowerPoint presentations, along with open discussions.  The outside driving simulation consisted of driving through various obstacles setup to emulate potential real world situations, including the use of the vehicle’s ABS and its effectiveness of controlling the vehicle without causing it to spin or lose of control.  Instructors Cindy, Stan, and Dennis were great teachers and provided a wealth of knowledge from their years in law enforcement and auto racing.