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Toa Baja Landfill Cell C is Nearing Completion


COMANCO Environmental is nearing completion on the Toa Baja Landfill Cell C expansion in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico. The project consists of approximately 150,000 SF of 60 mil HDPE smooth and 58,000 SF of 60 mil DS textured liner, 139,500 SF of Unreinforced GCL and 53,500 SF of Reinforced GCL, and 193,000 SF of 250 mil DS Geocomposite. Although not a big project the distance did create some challenges, but none bigger than scheduling material delivery in-between the Christmas, New Year, and Dia de los Reyes holidays, from the United States and Canadian ports to the port in San Juan, Puerto Rico. However with the expert guidance from Project Manager Matt Remmert and  Project Superintendant Tony Sanchez all materials arrived on time to the project site. The project is scheduled to be completed on January 17, 2013 and we look forward to working in Puerto Rico again. – Ruben Rios Llamas, COMANCO Project Engineer