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COMANCO Welcomes New Hires

COMANCO Welcomes the First New Hires of 2023 COMANCO welcomes our first new hires of the new year, and they are ready for their job assignments. As of today, eight new employees have completed their initial training course required before …

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COMANCO July New Hire Class Completes Training

At COMANCO, one of the things we are most proud of is our commitment to safety. Therefore the importance of our July New Hire Class being introduced to safety training is paramount.  July New Hire Class Training Schedule COMANCO’s new …

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We are excited to announce new hire, Kyle Baldwin, Equipment Technician, has completed the week-long safety training and is now heading to work in our FLEET Department. COMANCO safety training provides our employees with awareness and understanding of workplace hazards …

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COMANCO Welcomes September 2020 New Hires

COMANCO has officially prepared the September class with all the necessary knowledge and skills they will require to fulfill this very mission’s challenges. Here at COMANCO, we prioritize training, founded in identifying work-related threats, as well as reporting and controlling …

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