COMANCO July New Hire Class Completes Training

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At COMANCO, one of the things we are most proud of is our commitment to safety. Therefore the importance of our July New Hire Class being introduced to safety training is paramount. 

July New Hire Class Training Schedule

COMANCO’s new hires attend a week-long schedule of training modules that include:

  •  CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
  •  First AID
  •  OSHA 10
  •  MSHA
  •  FL Phosphate
  •  Mosaic Site courses

COMANCO Safety Training

At COMANCO, we prioritize training by identifying work-related hazards while reporting and controlling unsafe situations. From day one, COMANCO employees learn tasks and risks, and how to mitigate them.

The key to accident prevention is situational awareness. Employees are constantly reminded accidents occur when they fail to observe what is happening around them. Each employee has “Stop Work Authority” if they identify a dangerous condition. More importantly, they are trained to recognize potential hazards and make better decisions.

This training prepares our new hires for safety-sensitive roles on our construction projects before they begin their on-site work.

COMANCO Task Training

In addition to the comprehensive classroom training, our new employees went through hands-on Task Training in our Fleet Shop. Task training is crucial for new employees to understand what COMANCO does in the field before getting assigned to a project.

Offering COMANCO employees these essential skills is another way to confirm our commitment to COMANCO’s SAFETY culture.

We had a great participation rate from all new hires this week. We appreciate your involvement and time. Great job, and welcome to the COMANCO Team!




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