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Legacies Live On

COMANCO ensures legacies live on with Employee Training Program (ETP) COMANCO ensures that legacies live on with our Employee Training Program (ETP). We unite young workers with experienced employees each month on a mock job site. This collaborative space allows …

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Becoming Skid Steer Certified

COMANCO Employees Complete Training, Becoming Skid Steer Certified Because COMANCO continues to build upon our legacy of SAFETY, QUALITY, and SERVICE, we continuously schedule employee training. We are proud to announce that the second equipment training for 2023 is complete.  …

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Virtual Leadership Seminar

Employees Attended a Successful Virtual Leadership Seminar, Courtesy of Breslin Strategies Inc.  Last week, COMANCO employees attended a virtual leadership seminar, “Building a Growth Mindset and a Professional Identity,” with public speaker Mark Breslin. Mark Breslin, CEO of Breslin Strategies Inc., …

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Last week, COMANCO and Ring Power provided an excellent training course on Skid Steer Operation. Blake Conwell, a Ring Power certified training professional, taught our employees general operating procedures such as safety, maintenance, the operator’s compartment, and equipment options. The …

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COMANCO Attends Viewpoint Collaborate User Conference 2019

Recently, President Mark Topp and Vice President Christine Thomas attended the Viewpoint Collaborate User Conference 2019. This 3-day annual event was held at the Oregon Convention Center in beautiful Downtown Portland. This conference focused on learning, networking and encouraged everyone …

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