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COMANCO Employees Attend Defensive Driving Course in St. Petersburg, FL

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Last week, another group of COMANCO employees attended the BTW (Behind the Wheel) Dynamic Defensive Driving class at the St. Petersburg College Allstate Center in St. Petersburg, FL. This training class was developed to bring better awareness to the driver behind the wheel. 

COMANCO mandates that all employees who drive a company vehicle attend this training. As part of this extensive training, employees had the opportunity to acquire core competencies in advanced crash avoidance skills, superior vehicle control, acceptance of risky habits, and establish sustainable self-awareness of driving performance.

All employees who attended the training were able to get behind the wheel of a COMANCO vehicle and learn the material, which included online and hands-on training. Thank you to Driving Dynamics for hosting this event for our COMANCO team. 

The training has proven, time and again, to measurably improve a driver’s ability and understanding to operate a vehicle safely and responsibly.

COMANCO is committed to sending our employees to training because we know this enhances our employee’s knowledge of safety protocols!

To learn more about the Dynamic Defensive Driving class, click here.




The key to accident prevention is situational awareness. Employees are constantly reminded that accidents occur when they fail to observe what is going on around them. Each employee has ‘Stop Work Authority’ if they identify a dangerous condition. More importantly, they are trained to recognize potential hazards and to make better decisions.

The bottom line for COMANCO’s customers: Fewer reportable incidents mean greater productivity and minimized risk. At COMANCO, safety is always our first concern.

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