What IAGI Means to COMANCO

What IAGI Means to COMANCO and Why IAGI is Significant to the Geosynthetics Industry. IAGI has improved geosynthetics by providing a professional association representing geosynthetic installers and their partners. The goal has always been to advance Geosynthetic installation’s professionalism and …

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COMANCO’s Annual IAGI Recertification

COMANCO’s Employees Complete Annual IAGI Recertification COMANCO takes every opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to providing high-quality Geosynthetics installations. This attitude is reflected in all of our employees, 9 of whom renewed their CWT (Certified Welding Technician) Certification through IAGI …

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Front-End Loader Training

COMANCO Employees Complete Front-End Loader Training Front-end loaders are an essential piece of heavy equipment in the construction and mining industries. Because these machines can lift and easily transport heavy loads, they are indispensable tools for moving earth and debris …

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 NINE COMANCO EMPLOYEES COMPLETE THE IAGI CERTIFIED WELDING TECHNICIAN (CWT) PROGRAM.  COMANCO’s welders stand out because of their IAGI Welding Technician Certifications. This past month, 9 COMANCO employees completed IAGI CWT program training and will receive their CWT Certification! The …

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