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Supporting Florida Phosphate at FPPC BBQ

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COMANCO Attends Annual FPPC (Florida Phosphate Political Committee) BBQ to Support the Florida Phosphate Community

Last night, COMANCO proudly attended the 23rd Annual FPPC (Florida Phosphate Political Committee) BBQ in a strong show of support for the Florida Phosphate Community. COMANCO has a deep partnership with the Phosphate industry, including our President, Mark Topp, serving on the Board of the Florida Phosphate Political Committee. The FPPC is wholeheartedly dedicated to safeguarding the vital Phosphate Industry in Florida, which lies at the core of the local economy and the global food chain.

Furthermore, we are immensely grateful for the unwavering support of some of Florida’s most influential leaders, many of whom grace this fundraising event year after year. The distinguished speakers at last night’s event included Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, Attorney General Ashley Moody, Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson, and Senate President-Designate Ben Albritton. Additionally, our very own COMANCO President, Mark Topp, had the privilege of introducing Chris Martus, the Vice President of Procurement at Mosaic, who eloquently discussed the profound impact of Florida’s phosphate industry. An insightful presentation from Bryan Gooch, Sr., the Director of Phosphate Product Management at Nutrien wrapped up the indications for the evening.

This annual gathering holds immense significance in sustaining the Florida Phosphate community, which is vital in countless livelihoods, businesses, and our ability to nourish a growing local and global population. COMANCO remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering the highest quality geosynthetic services to the Phosphate industry. Above all, we are firmly dedicated to supporting the Phosphate industry in every conceivable manner. We eagerly anticipate another year of contributing to feeding the world!


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