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Safety is Underway at Gold Mine Project in California

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This week, a COMANCO crew led by Superintendent Carlos Garcia kicked off the second phase of a gold mine project in northern California. Project Engineer David Ramirez and Safety Officer Todd Klementz were on-site to support the crew in getting this successful project underway.

The team arrived early to perform thorough MSHA inspections on their equipment and tools. They successfully completed site-specific training for the job and updated their COVID-19 protocols for California, as well as emergency evacuation and PPE requirements for fire safety at the mine site. 

Production began immediately, and SAFETY is at the forefront from the Daily Toolbox meeting to the end of the shift. They continue to stay hydrated while setting up the job for success. 

Safety doesn’t happen by chance at COMANCO, especially when teams, like this one, take the time to set it up and have safe work embedded in their routine. 

We look forward to progress updates and continued SAFETY, QUALITY, SERVICE from this crew.