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Ring Power CAT Provides COMANCO Employees Hands-On Training


This week several COMANCO employees, new and seasoned, participated in Excavator training with Ring Power CAT in Riverview, Florida. Ring Power CAT is North and Central Florida’s CAT heavy equipment dealer and is the largest provider of construction equipment, generators, air compressors, cranes and forklifts in the southeast. Ring Power also provides comprehensive and specialized equipment training that “defines and enables an organization’s training requirements and designs a comprehensive training package to meet the ongoing needs of our customers.”

COMANCO continually trains our operators with Ring Power because they are able to teach our people full functionality and safety training as well as how to perform inspections on the vehicle, whether they be aesthetic, mechanical, or safety related. This excavator training was no different.

A few of the veteran employees helped with the classroom portion of training by providing actual real-life examples of things that can happen when operating the excavator. This was extremely beneficial to the newly hired COMANCO employees and everyone was ready to get to work.

Thank you to Blake and Mike at Ring Power CAT Tampa for providing this extensive hands-on training.


Brandon Sowers

Brad Collins

Venancio Jaramillo

Forrest Detzel

Scott Gray

Michael Mann