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Liner Installation Begins at North Florida Landfill


Late last week, a COMANCO crew led by Superintendent Nathan Wilfong and Foreman Bradley Collins, began the liner installation phase at a North Florida Landfill.  This phase of the project will include installing a two-layer system.

This system consists of 40mil double-side Textured LLDPE Geomembrane and 6oz TrxNet 340mil Geocomposite.  Over the next year, the crew will install more than 2.7 million SF each of 40mil LLDPE Geomembrane and 6oz Geocomposite along the 64-acre site.

Thank you to Solmax who supplied the geosynthetics.

The crew is off to a fast start, installing over 60,000 SF of 40 mil Geomembrane.  The team is working efficiently while keeping SAFETY first.