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Nearing Completion of MGMS Installation

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COMANCO crew is nearing the completion of the installation of a Methane Gas Management System in South FL.

COMANCO crew is nearing completion of a Methane Gas Management System (MGMS) installation project in South FL. The end goal of this project is to divert all methane gases below the liner through a series of Geovent strips and PVC pipes after the building has completed construction. 

Building one is nearing completion of the MGMS installation, with the PVC header system recently completed and the liner installation at approximately 50-60% completion. Additionally, building two has been completed.

Once completed, this project will provide a sustainable working environment for future tenants. Ensuring they can have a new warehouse space without concerns about breathing methane gases inside the buildings. Despite challenges such as finding concrete in the path of the header pipe run, COMANCO’s crew consistently maintained safety protocols and PPE requirements while on site.

The project spans 10.7 acres, with 2,950 LF Header Pipe Systems supplied by Harrington Industrial Plastics and 510,000 SF 60 Mil HDPE Liner material provided by SKAPs.  Additionally, 19,000 LF of Geovent material provided by CETCO used so far. Superintendent Miguel Medrano and his crew have stayed on schedule and set the pace to complete work on-site, making significant progress and contributions to the project.

In conclusion, COMANCO’s MGMS installation project in South, FL, showcases their commitment to Safety, Quality, and Service. Once completed, it will provide a sustainable working environment for future tenants while minimizing the negative environmental impact.


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