Headway Made on 5-Layer System

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Headway Made On 5-Layer Geosynthetic System as COMANCO Prepares to Install Geomembrane Flap.

COMANCO makes headway installing a 5-layer geosynthetic system in Central Florida. Once complete, the new Class I Landfill will be a safe repository for Class I Waste. Because of complex systems like potential contaminants do not affect the surrounding environment. 

With the cell’s interior fully lined, the crew begins installing the geomembrane flap around the cell’s perimeter. As a whole, the team will weld a total of 4,500 LF across the 16-acre site. The impressive work is standard for our welders, and we have had an opportunity to work on similar projects for this customer throughout the years. 

Why choose COMANCO? Because our clients know we value the relationships built with our customers and vendors. We educate and empower each employee at COMANCO, creating leaders. As a result, we consistently achieve industry-leading safety, quality, and service. 

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COMANCO is an environmental, commercial, and civil construction company, specializing in the construction of containment facilities. We are the nation’s leading service provider to the geosynthetics marketplace.

COMANCO is the standing quality leader for geosynthetics installation. Most of our crew members have over five years of experience overall. As a result, we complete your project on schedule and at, or below, budget.