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Header Installation in North Florida


COMANCO Environmental and subcontractor Trader Construction are working together on a North Florida gyp stack expansion project to install a header pipe system for a series of relief wells. Trader Construction is drilling the wells, excavating the trench for the header system, placing a layer of rock to the engineered grade and thickness, and backfilling around the pipe once it has been placed. Foreman Jesus Delgado and a 2 man COMANCO crew are tasked with fusing the 12” HDPE header pipe, installing engineered T’s that allow 3” HDPE pipe to be fused to the 12” header system, and is also fusing the 3” HDPE pipe that connects the wells to the header. Together, the two crews will install over 1600’ of header pipe in the coming weeks.

Both crews are working diligently to accomplish the job in a timely manner while maintaining a safe and positive work environment.