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COMANCO Gets Started in Oregon


COMANCO Environmental recently began a liner installation project in Corvallis, Oregon. The project consists of installing a 9-layer liner system for a new landfill cell, with a footprint of just over 500,000 square feet, half of that being on a 2:1 slope.

Tony Sanchez and his crew began the project by installing 60-mil HDPE textured liner, sandwiched between two layers of 8 oz. geotextile. Following completion of the first part of the liner system, two feet of rock will be placed on top of the geotextile. Following the rock placement, COMANCO will place a layer of 40-mil HDPE liner, GCL, 60-mil HDPE liner, and 16 oz. geotextile. Next up comes another layer of rock, after which, COMANCO will then install a layer of 4 oz. geotextile. One more layer of rock will be placed, then finally, a rain tarp will be installed.

In addition to the many layers of geosynthetics to install, another challenge for this project will be tying into five different existing cells. Stay tuned for more updates!