Final Stages of Constructing a New Landfill

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COMANCO is in the Final Stages of Constructing a New Landfill in Central Florida

COMANCO is in the final stages of constructing an 8.5-Acre Landfill Cell for a recurring client in Central Florida. The project included earthwork, grading, and installing liner to develop an additional cell for waste storage. As a result, our client will be able to accommodate future debris that will come in.

We began the project by excavating 135,00 CY of dirt, completing 23,000 CY of demucking, and adding 46,000 CY of compacted fill. The following steps were installing 363,000 SF of 60mil HDPE Double Sided Textured Liner and 360,000 SF of 200mil Double Sided Geocomposite. The crew is now installing 27,000 CY of protective cover and 274,000 SF of 40mil HDPE Double Sided Textured Liner to act as a rain tarp. 

With only one month left until the project is complete, COMANCO has managed to stay on schedule despite any challenges. For example, the existing subgrade had some unknown spots of unsuitable material and accumulated fine silt. This uncertainty required additional effort to demuck and backfill the area to create a proper structure. Another factor that optimized our efficiency was that the earthwork and the liner installation were COMANCO’s responsibility. 

In conclusion, COMANCO promises to execute your project with professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to meeting your needs. Our experience, management, and efficiency make us the ideal candidate for your landfill needs. Contact COMANCO today


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