Desoto County Landfill Expansion Project

Over the last several months COMANCO has been working on the new cell expansion and partial closure project at the Desoto County Landfill in Arcadia, Florida.

Earlier this week Superintendent Arnulfo Martinez and liner team were able to complete the 40mil LLDPE geomembrane layer on the partial closure. Over 90,000 square feet of material was deployed protecting the intermediate grade and will move on to installing the bi-planar geocomposite drainage layer for the Desoto County Landfill.

Superintendent Matt Carroll and the earthwork team began installing the 8-inch perforated HDPE leachate detection pipe and gravel burrito wrap along with the 24-inch detection riser.

Over the next couple of days, COMANCO will look to complete all geosynthetic installation on both the new cell expansion and partial closure along with kicking off protective cover import and placement. Check back in for future updates as this Florida landfill project begins to heat up!