COMANCO’s Geosynthetic System Installation Protects Power Plant Rainwater

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A COMANCO crew in Central Florida is lining a coal ash stack with a two-layer geosynthetic system.

This installation is comprised of a bottom containment layer, created with 50mil LLDPE Supergripnet Geomembrane. The second layer of the system is a top cushion, made up of 8oz Non-Woven Geotextile. 

Upon the project’s completion, the COMANCO team will have installed 1.1 million square feet of each!

This geosynthetic containment system provides our client with an environmentally friendly area that will prevent rainwater from becoming contaminated; therefore, protecting surrounding plant and wildlife.

The COMANCO crew has operated swiftly and safely on this site, currently projected to finish ahead of schedule while maintaining zero incidents

Incredible work by an incredible team!