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COMANCO Team Completes EPF Pond Earthwork in North Florida

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In early December 2019, Superintendent Bill Newman and his small initial team (Jonathan Mitchell, Chris Sullivan, and John Cox) set out to excavate the proposed EPF Pond in North Florida.

It almost seemed as if this task would never end. Each day, they encountered unforeseen challenges from contamination to design changes. The team worked through all these issues and overcame them. Finally, as of yesterday, they completed a beautiful outline of the earthworks ready to be lined by COMANCO’s experienced lining team.

The Effluent Process Facility (EPF) Pond is designed to contain storm and process water from the facility, thus preventing the pollution of clean stormwater pond downstream. The pond is to be lined by over 220,000 SF of 60mil Liner underlaid with a 24oz geotextile protected on top by 18” soil and 6” concrete slab, respectively. When completed, it will mean the clean water pond 7 & 8 downstream would not be contaminated. It will also save costs to the client in dealing with environmental costs in the future.