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COMANCO – Stormwater Management Modification Project Update

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COMANCO Superintendent Bill Newman and his Team are breaking ground in the new phases of the Stormwater project.

COMANCO has increased the capacity of the Team to allow for work on three sections of the project, the Effluent Processing Facility (EPF), North West Ditch (NWD) and the Landfill Area (LF). The specialist contractor for the electrical components of the works at the pump station has also mobilized on site. Other subcontractors are working with the Team delivering cast in place concrete, sodding and environmental work.

One of Three Sections:

At the Effluent Process Pond – COMANCO has installed all the geosynthetic liner for the new process and storm water pond for the EPF and covered it with the protective soil cover.

The Team is now preparing for the placement of a protective concrete slab and anchor over the soil cover to aid future silt/debris cleaning of the pond. Bill’s Team has also begun installing precast units that form part of the pond infrastructure in place.

Check back tomorrow for additional updates on this project.