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COMANCO Equipment Technician Life Saved by Defensive Driving


This past week, COMANCO’s Equipment Technician, Earl Lynch, found his life at risk when driving down I-4, a major highway from Tampa to Orlando.

While continuing his normal route home, another driver raced into his lane, forcing Lynch’s car off the road. His vehicle went into a spin through the grass, headed straight for the guardrail. However, instead of panicking, Lynch recalled his training from the Defensive Driving course he took through COMANCO almost five years ago. Even after the car stopped spinning and moved towards ongoing traffic, he continued to pick a visual point in the distance and continued driving, as his training taught him.

Lynch attributes his safety to the invaluable training of his Defensive Driving course. “I am convinced that if it weren’t for that class, I’d be dead today,” he commented. He plans to retake the course as soon as possible.

COMANCO ensures all employees responsible for driving company vehicles receive the Defensive Driving training to give them the skills they need to help save lives in spite of the conditions around them and the actions of others.