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COMANCO Starts a Mining Area Pond Reline Project

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COMANCO Starts a Mining Area Pond Reline Project in Northern Nevada to Process Gold.

COMANCO embarks on an important mining project in Northern Nevada. This project aims to reline Barren Pond 30, which plays a crucial role in processing Gold using a Cyanide solution. The project is currently in the demolition stage, and the COMANCO crew is diligently working on cutting out and preparing the old primary liner to tie into the new one.

Safety of our Team:

Moreover, under the supervision of Superintendent James Kile, the project exemplifies COMANCO’s commitment to safety, quality, and service. They strictly adhere to safety regulations, ensuring compliance with the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Particularly regarding quality, the team maintains open communication with the customer, ensuring that all requested documentation is met. Additionally, they work closely with the customer to ensure the project is completed promptly and safely, reflecting their dedication to service.

One notable contribution to the project comes from Angel Garcia, a QC technician who has shown remarkable progress and initiative. This project marks his second venture, and his drive to take on more responsibilities is commendable.

Specifically, what sets this project apart for COMANCO is the daily commute to the site, which involves approximately four hours of driving. This requires prioritizing the safety of drivers and reminding them to get enough rest for their work tasks the next day.

Scope of the project:

In terms of materials, COMANCO has employed around 69,883 SF of HDPE liner material for demolition. They will also install 200 LF of Batten Bar materials and 81,157 SF of 80-mil HDPE geomembrane. Furthermore, they are incorporating three rubber sheets and welding them to the primary liner, covering an area of approximately 4,505 SF.

Though the project spans nearly two acres of land, showcasing the vastness of the job site. Its impact on the mining industry holds great significance, as the successful completion of Barren Pond 30 guarantees the continuous production of Gold. Through this project, the environment can sustain Gold production, underscoring the project’s crucial role in maintaining the industry’s momentum.

COMANCO’s efforts in this mining area pond reline project demonstrates their ongoing commitment to safety, quality, and service while also playing a vital role in supporting the mining industry and ensuring the efficient processing of Gold.


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