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At COMANCO, SAFETY is a Value That Does Not Change with Priorities

COMANCO Superintendent Jorge Gomez and crew start each day with a toolbox topic review of lessons learned in and out of the field, such as task observation, incident review, and continuous process improvement with QUALITY and SAFETY conversations. All personnel has the opportunity to chime in and remind each other of hazard identification, come up with mitigation ideas, and receive input from everyone during our morning “toolbox” meeting, which makes for our successful and safe performance on this job and others. The management and the third-party inspector commented, “The COMANCO crew is a professional, hard-working, and safe team that is a pleasure to have on this project.”

Project Safety Engineer James Kile helps to integrate and support Superintendent Jorge with the newer personnel and veterans on the SAFETY and QUALITY of the project. One of the ways we keep all personnel informed is on our SAFETY – QUALITY Board where you can find correspondence about our benefits, safety alerts, near misses, policies, and recognized personnel “caught in the act of doing it right.”

COMANCO empowers everyone with “STOP WORK AUTHORITY.” This is from the Senior Management to our subcontractors. At COMANCO, SAFETY is a value that does not change with priorities of completing projects.