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COMANCO Receives Miami-Dade Landfill Notice to Proceed Letter


COMANCO has officially been awarded the Construction of South Dade Landfill Cell 5 in Miami-Dade County.  The project consists of the construction of Cell 5 of the South Dade Landfill Facility (SDLF), a Class I landfill in Miami-Dade County, Florida. This cell will occupy approximately 50 acres, of which about 45 acres are for waste disposal. This project includes final grading of the site, construction and/or re-shaping of berms, installation of a stormwater management system, installation of approximately 2 million square feet liner system, and installation of leachate collection/detection and transmission system. Cell 5 will consist of two 6-acre sub-cells and three 11-acre sub-cells. All of the subcells will have double liner systems, from top to bottom, consisting of a 2-foot thick liner protective layer of select granular fill; a leachate collection system (LCS) comprising of a Geonet with non-woven geotextiles heat bonded on both sides; a 60-mil thick textured High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane primary liner; a leachate detection system (LDS) consisting of a Geonet with non-woven geotextiles heat-bonded on both sides; a composite secondary liner, which consists of 60-mil thick textured HDPE geomembrane placed on top of a Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL); and a 6-inch thick prepared subbase. This project will also include the construction of a sump area at each sub-cell. Each sump will be equipped with three (3) pumps.

Please be sure to check back for progress photos once the work commences.