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COMANCO Progresses to Complete Gypsum Stack Closure Ahead of Schedule

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Nestled in the lowlands of North Florida, near the Georgia state line, COMANCO has regrouped and recharged to take on the challenge of completing the CTC Gypstack Closure ahead of schedule.

Project Engineer Jerome Johnson and his team have battled the elements and faced resource challenges over past years. Still, despite these challenges, they are ready to complete the project successfully and ahead of schedule.

The pipework team, under the leadership of Superintendent John Holmes, is out tackling waterlogged channels, installing HDPE pipes, and working hard to install precast concrete drainage structures. All of this in preparation for the work of Leadman Jose Martinez’s liner crew in the coming future. The various teams on site have defined their targets and are working full steam ahead to ensure all their goals will be met on time.

These crews are making sure to keep ahead of schedule to ensure our Project Manager Abdul Drammeh wins his ongoing bet with Superintendent Brian Harrell of Trader Construction Company. A bet that states our subcontractor will have difficulty catching up with our liner crew, as Trader Construction works to spread sand providing a protective cover to the installed liner.

Keeping safety first, our Field Safety Technician Yvette Walton helps keep everyone safe from snakes as Project Engineer Alden Weaver keeps the client happy with seamless data share to facilitate audits and provide accurate billing.