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COMANCO Progresses on New River Solid Waste Association Landfill

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COMANCO superintendent Forrest Detzel and his team continue to make progress with the closure at New River Landfill.

The final closure consists of 15 acres of exposed geomembrane, ballast trenches, and a toe drain collection system that will be the first permitted final closure of its kind in the State of Florida.

Work Completed to Date:

  • 1,690 LF of 1,994 LF of Toe Drain Installed
  • 1,570 LF of 2,525 LF of Anchor Trench Excavated and Backfilled
  • 7,937 LF of 11,458 LF of Ballast Trench Excavated and Backfilled
  • Over 624,000 SF of Exposed Geomembrane Cover Installed
  • 7,662 LF of 11,458 LF of the Double Wedge Weld at the Ballast Trenches

Keep up the great work, COMANCO!