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COMANCO Progresses in Seminole Electric Cooperative Project

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As part of the Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. modification of storm water management in Palatka, Florida, COMANCO installed steep drainage channels lined with Uniform Section Mat (Fabriform).

Fabriform is designed to protect the drainage channels from erosion due to the velocity of storm water passing through it. Its surface, formed in brick-like raised patterns, also acts as an impediment to storm water velocity by slowing it. On this project, COMANCO is using Hydrotex USM Lining.

HydrotexTM Uniform Section linings forms an unreinforced concrete lining by positioning specially woven, double-layer synthetic forms on the surface to be protected and then fills them with a pump-able fine aggregate concrete (structural grout) to form a stable lining of required thickness, weight, and configuration. The fabric forms can be placed and filled either underwater or in-the-dry. The high-strength, fine, aggregate concrete is used in place of
conventional concrete because of its high-strength, impermeability, and absorption resistance. Hydrotex Uniform Section Liner provides an erosion resistant concrete lining with its brick pattern surface and relatively low coefficient of hydraulic friction, which maintains optimum water velocities. The thickness and weight of the lining is controlled by spacer cords.

On this project, COMANCO has teamed up with MR Geo-technical Services of Baltimore, MD, to install approximately 105,000 square feet of liner. The project started in mid-March 2020 with the installation of the flume coming down the closed landfill in Palatka. COMANCO constructed the formation, hauling, placing, and compacting of imported fill material. Our Subcontractor MR Geo, placed the underlying geotextile, the Hydrotex fabric form, and the infilled grout, which is all under COMANCO’s construction engineering operations team’s supervision, to ensure the quality and satisfaction of our client.