COMANCO Progress Update on Desoto County Landfill Project


Over the last few months, COMANCO has been hard at work on a new cell expansion and partial closure project at the Desoto County Landfill facility in Arcadia, FL. Superintendent Matt Carroll has been leading the charge while both phases are going on simultaneously.

Currently, on the partial closure, 30-inch corrugated HDPE stormwater pipe is being installed just ahead of the sod layer. Once the sod is completed, the team can install the edge of liner markers completing the 2-acre partial closure. Over on the new cell expansion, all 1,800 linear feet of HDPE leachate collection pipe has been installed with the gravel and textile burrito wrap.

COMANCO coordinated with A & H Construction to successfully complete the concrete leachate riser pad pour at a new pump station. Over the next week, the team will look to wrap up the closure, begin pump station controls and instrumentation installation, kickoff 2,000 linear feet of dual contained force main pipework and complete fine grading the cell’s 24-inch drainage layer.

Continue to check back in as various activities will be ongoing and completed at the same time.