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COMANCO Nears Completion of New Landfill Cell in North Florida

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Superintendent Todd Kirkman and his COMANCO crew are finishing up work on a new 10-acre landfill cell in North Florida.

Workers imported and added over 381,580cy of soil cover onto the four-layer system providing two feet of soil covering for the piping and drainage rock crossing the area. Concrete, electrical, and mechanical trades were necessary to help build a new transfer pump station to remove the leachate water from the drainage system. A perimeter road and swale around the cell were constructed, providing access to the cell. The project’s scope included repair work to the last three cells at the site, new pumps and piping, and rain tarp installation.

The 10-acre cell is formed with low permeable soils and covered with several layers of protection. Geotechnical properties of soils influence the stability of civil engineering structures. The correct amount of moisture is needed for the clay subgrade to pass density testing by the team. The clay subgrade required water to be added with a water truck as the material was hauled in, placed, graded, and compacted to obtain the optimal moisture level.

COMANCO provided many services outside of the scope of work to help ease the facility’s management burden of the overall project and its impact on its daily operations. The team provided safety assistance in accessing the project’s impact on the facility’s overall safety, along with traffic coordination and controls of operations working above the project.

When future technological advances become available, COMANCO is one of the first to adopt and employ these new systems. Our quality control technicians follow stringent procedures to systematically inspect and test every seam, weld, and repair.

Time was of the essence on this project as the facility is out of room in existing cells to accept additional waste. When site conditions were not as delineated, quick survey work on the part of COMANCO kept the project on schedule. Quick turnarounds for grading file revisions by the QA/QC department and engineer approvals allowed the crew to remain on schedule.

The project aims to prepare the landfill cell to accept solid waste. This project protects the environment from harmful rainfall run-offs that would otherwise lead to Florida’s waterways. This new Solid Waste Facility will be able to accommodate solid waste from the surrounding counties for another ten years, keeping the surrounding environment clean from contaminants as the waste decomposes over time.


COMANCO has successfully built a team of employees who strive to beat the competition by finding newer and more efficient ways to provide Safe and Quality Service to our customers. Our reputation for being Client and Service oriented extends through COMANCO’s recruitment strategy. We are committed to the selection of talented and dedicated individuals seeking professional growth. COMANCO is always looking for great employees to create the most productive working environment where you can do your best in serving our Customers.

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