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COMANCO Making Progress on New C&D Landfill Cell

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A COMANCO team recently mobilized to construct the first cell of what will eventually be six new landfill cells at a Northeast Florida C&D landfill site. In just over a month, the crew led by Superintendent Bill Newman has excavated and hauled off over 100,000 CY of soil as they work to get to the liner subgrade.

Geosynthetics liner installation for the approximately 7-acre cell will commence in the coming weeks. This scope will consist of a strip of GCL down the center of the cell followed by a 60-mil HDPE geomembrane layer & double-sided geocomposite layer encompassing the entire 311,700sf footprint. Following is a leachate collection system (LCS) consisting of 8” & 24” HDPE pipe wrapped with river gravel and geotextile along with 2’ of protective cover soil placed over the liner system. 

Once completed, the new cell will provide our customer with a new landfill cell ready to dispose of C&D waste materials while protecting the environment safely.

Follow COMANCO as we document the progress of these dedicated crews, constructing some amazing projects.