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COMANCO Making Progress in Southeast U.S.


Since last September, the team of COMANCO Environmental and Trader Construction has been hard at work on a project in the Southeast U.S. The beginning stages of the project consisted of mainly site preparation, with Trader clearing/grubbing and dewatering an existing pond. Once the pond is dewatered and all subgrade is at the correct elevation, COMANCO will then mobilize and install the 250 acres (or nearly 11 million square feet) of 60-mil textured liner.

Immediately after liner installation, Trader will place and compact two feet of protective cover on top of the liner. COMANCO will then install the HDPE pipe drain system. The total amount of drain to be installed is over 40,000 linear feet. The drain system consists of a “burrito wrap” of textile and gravel surrounding the pipe. Check back in regularly for progress updates of COMANCO/Trader working safely and efficiently.