COMANCO Joins Friends and Colleagues at Dream Center Dedication Ceremony

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July 14, Lakeland, FL

COMANCO Joins Friends and Colleagues at Dream Center Dedication Ceremony

It started with a simple idea: Take a worn city-owned block out of a struggling Lakeland neighborhood and turn it into a community space and kid’s park.

This became one of the myriad ambitions of Lakeland’s Dream Center: to provide service, education, and resources to support families and neighbors in Lakeland’s communities.

At the new Mosaic pavilion Dedication ceremony, COMANCO leaders were joined and honored alongside fellow community partners from Mosaic and Midstate Industrial for their contributions to the new development.

The pavilion and park now feature a stage, covered visitor center, community park, and garden. Dream Center founder Michael Cooper hopes and expects to hold community functions and events similar to Lakeland’s First Friday events in downtown Munn Park.

COMANCO is proud to make its own contributions to developing communities and rehabilitating Florida land — one project at a time.


COMANCO wishes to do our part to acknowledge our partners from Mosaic and Midstate and their generous contributions to this project. We are always proud to join them in efforts to protect Florida’s habitat and industry.

Look no further to get involved in Dream Center of Lakeland’s community and outreach: Start here.

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