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COMANCO Hits a Milestone in Sonoma, California

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Superintendent Martin Calderon is back onsite in Sonoma working hard with COMANCO’s crew on a landfill containment cell expansion, from work done the previous year.

The containment system is composed of a layer of geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), textured liner, geocomposite, and geotextile.

Martin Calderon reported “COMANCO’s crew is working in excellent conditions with low-temperatures in the 50s and high temps in the 70s. The crew is making incredible progress placing the liner, and enjoying themselves while doing it.”

A bonus of working in Sonoma is not just the clean air and low temperatures, but also the beautiful landscape and nature that resides within the Sonoma Valley.

COMANCO’s crew continues to push forward with its core values of SAFETY, QUALITY, and SERVICE at the forefront of this project.

COMANCO is an environmental company specializing in the construction of containment facilities. We have been recognized annually, since 2004, as one of the top 200 environmental firms in the country.