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COMANCO – Gypsum Stack Update


COMANCO Environmental and Trader Construction remain hard at work on a gypsum stack expansion project in the Southeast US.  Trader has spent the last 15 months dewatering and preparing subgrade for HDPE liner installation.  COMANCO mobilized in November and has installed 1.5 million square feet of 60-mil HDPE liner and 100,000 square feet of Geocomposite vent strips underneath the liner.

In the next few months, Trader will continue with dewatering and earthmoving required for subgrade preparation.  They will also place a 2’ protective cover over a large section of the installed liner.  Meanwhile, COMANCO will continue liner installation and begin installing an HDPE drainage system.  The drainage system includes over 30,000 feet of HDPE pipe, and COMANCO will be utilizing an excavator equipped with GPS technology to aid in the process.

Stay tuned for more updates of COMANCO and Trader working safely and efficiently.