COMANCO Attends Simplot’s Annual Contractor Safety Conference 2017


Today, COMANCO’s Vice President Tommy Topp and Project Engineer Jason Webb attended Simplot’s Annual Contractor Safety Conference at the new Mountain View Event Center in Pocatello, ID.

The main focus of the conference continues to be Simplot’s C.A.R.E program, ‘A Safety and Security Framework that’s Prepared to Meet Today’s Challenges.’  The C.A.R.E. policy is a comprehensive and evolving framework for the continual improvement of safety throughout Simplot and the communities it serves.

The Conference also covered the recent changes made to the safety procedures and programs, which are reviewed on a regular basis, in an effort to improve safety and ensure all contractors understand the expectations while working at Simplot facilities. This conference helps COMANCO maintain consistency with Simplot’s Safety Program & Procedures.

COMANCO’s continued commitment to SAFETY ★ QUALITY ★ SERVICE