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COMANCO: Excavator & Loader Task Training at N FL Gypsum Stack


Equipment Task Training, led by COMANCO Safety Officer Todd Klementz, was held last week at a North Florida Gypsum Stack.

Employees often have very hands-on roles in the equipment processes taking place on a daily basis. As such, they have a direct impact on the level of productivity and on ensuring that operations are running smoothly.

The storm water pipe crew, led by Superintendent John Holmes, received task training on the 210 Kobelco Excavator and 950K CAT Loader. The crew was trained on properly inspecting equipment prior to usage and utilizing vehicle inspection forms. They were also trained in performing daily tasks while operating the equipment. Stop Work Authority and communication via hand signals or radio use were highlighted topics during the task training session. Another COMANCO crew is prepared to perform their job safely with the knowledge acquired in this heavy equipment task training assembly.