COMANCO Employees Complete Employee Training Program

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COMANCO’s First Group of Employees Complete the Employee Training Program.

It is an exciting week at COMANCO as a group of employees were selected to participate in our enhanced Employee Training Program! The main objective of this program is to advance the skillset of our existing field workforce, making them well-rounded and able to perform all tasks on our construction projects. 

The Employee Training Program also applies to new employees just starting their careers who have shown a desire to grow and learn new skills. Our goal for Laborers is to set them up for success, preparing them to one-day become Liner Technicians. Through this comprehensive one-week training program, team members focus on welding liner with the oversight of Superintendent Jorge Barrantes, ensuring they perform their tasks correctly and produce quality welds.

Early signs point to the success of the program! On day three, an employee who has never run a Wedge Welder could pass 80mil LLDPE pre-welds on his first try after setting up the equipment himself. 

COMANCO recognizes this training investment’s significance to the company’s future and is proud to build an exceptional team of employees in the field. 

A huge thank you to Jorge Barrantes for spearheading this program and being the champion of our employee’s growth. 

Investing in employee training should be a business priority if you want to benefit from having satisfied employees




Our reputation for being Client and Service-oriented extends to COMANCO’s recruitment strategy. We are committed to selecting talented and dedicated individuals seeking professional growth.

You have an excellent opportunity to join a winning COMANCO Team! COMANCO is always looking for great employees to create the most productive working environment where you can do your best to serve our customers.

COMANCO is an environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in the construction of containment facilities and is the nation’s leading service provider to the geosynthetics marketplace.