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COMANCO Employees Attend Excavator Class 2020


COMANCO and Dobbs Equipment teamed up to train our valuable operators and soon to be operators on safe excavator operations yesterday.

Dobbs instructor, Andrew Baron, and COMANCO safety officer, Todd Klementz taught 12 enthusiastic COMANCO employees the basic fundamentals and safety features of operating a Hitachi 350LC and a Hitachi 60USB.

They thoroughly went over the operation manuals for each machine in the classroom, performed a 360 walk around on both pieces in the yard, and discussed in depth the safety features each machine had to offer them for their own protection. Once comfortable, each employee was able to get “seat time” and operate both machines in a controlled area until they felt they could safely work them in the field.

Great job Team COMANCO for taking the time to train and make our workplace safer and more productive for everyone. You are a fine example of what we stand for: