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COMANCO Crew Persists on Gypsum Stack Construction Project

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On a gypsum stack in Central Florida, COMANCO crews are pushing to complete 40+ acres of what will serve as a newly reactivated area to pump gypsum slurry onto the stack.

The earthwork crew, led by Superintendents Jeremy Giles and Scott Hall, is currently hauling the remaining 40,000 cubic yards of gypsum fill to build up starter dikes and cover recently installed high strength geotextile material on a reinforcement berm. Our drains crew, led by Superintendent Larry Graham, is welding 6” HDPE pipe for installation on the remaining stabilization drains and outlets. The stabilization drains and outlets consist of 6” HDPE piping, 67 silica gravel, coarse and fine sand, which are all burrito wrapped in a layer of 12 oz. geotextile material.

A separate crew will begin installing fabriform and articulating block mat (ABM) around completed outlet structures, grade breaks, and outfall areas aside from these activities. The safety department has been a huge support in getting our JHA’s and safety plan up to date to start a new task while also ensuring our crew has the proper PPE necessary for the work being performed.

COMANCO continues to show our dedication to safety as our #1 priority!