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COMANCO Crew Overcomes Setbacks at EPF Pond Project

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July was tough on Bill Newman’s team in Palatka, FL. They have been battling nature to try and complete their work at the EPF Ponds.

At last, victory is visible, and the protective concrete cover slab is nearing completion soon. The next primary scope of work at the EPF will then move to the mechanical and electrical components.

At the other end of the site, the earthworks for Pond 7 have suffered similar setbacks from nature. However, the team is not relenting. They have installed the 36” Pipes and are gearing on liner installation in the next few weeks. In the meantime, the 1,400ft 24” washout pipes for the pond are expected to be installed in the coming weeks.

Keep up the progress, COMANCO team! You are doing great work.