COMANCO Continues Work on a Gypstack Closure in North Florida

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COMANCO crews are hard at work once again in a small town in North Florida that is known for its charm, rural scenery, and community life. The COMANCO team has been present here for nearly three years, working to ensure that this small-town environment is well protected.

Throughout the last three years, COMANCO crews have installed over 12-million square feet of geosynthetic liner and over 400 acres of soil cover at this gypstack site. Once a stack is full, it is graded, covered, and then seeded for future protection from erosion.

The teams on site have also been tasked with installing extensive networks of stormwater drainage pipes that range anywhere from 8’ inches to 42’ inches in size. The system of pipes being used on this small-town gypstack closure will be utilized to help control the stormwater precipitation that occurs on-site.

Throughout the last several months, COMANCO has accelerated its rate of work in hopes of finishing the project before its estimated completion date. In doing so, three liner crews have been out on site, working to make sure that this goal is attainable. Superintendent Martin Calderon and his crews are working on the toe-ditch around the site. While, at the same time, our sub-contractor follows closely behind installing the protective soil cover.

Foreman Carlos Garcia and Leadman Jose Martinez have also played crucial roles in pushing COMANCO closer to finishing this project. Superintendent John Holmes and his stormwater crew have also been working to stay ahead of schedule to ensure that stormwater precipitations are not unduly delaying the completion of work.

With the new year started, COMANCO crews in North Florida hope to work quickly and efficiently to complete yet another successful project!

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