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COMANCO Completes Nevada Reservoir Inspection and Repairs

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A COMANCO crew led by Superintendent Carlos Garcia recently completed the inspection and repairs of a 90-acre water reservoir in Northern Nevada. Water reservoirs serve as basic water-management systems and can be used for storage, water conservation, flood control, water treatment, irrigation, and hydroelectric power. These are just a few standard functions for reservoirs such as this.

In our 3rd year of inspecting and repairing this large water reservoir, the crew was tasked with inspecting the 3.9 million SF application lined with a 60mil HDPE liner. The inspection began with examining the structure’s overall integrity, ensuring no leaks, and investigating the condition of the equipment under the water, including pipes and valves. After inspecting and locating all necessary repairs, the crew fixed any damages that were identified. Regular inspection and maintenance of these reservoirs are essential for their continued use.

The crew faced challenging weather throughout the entire process, with occasional snowfall and temperatures reaching 15 degrees. With safety as a top priority, the team was equipped with the appropriate PPE to battle the low temperatures and falling snow.

This extensive application will go in the books as another success for COMANCO.

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