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COMANCO Continues to Make Progress for a Gypstack Closure in Central Florida

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A COMANCO crew led by Superintendent Arnulfo Martinez continues to progress on a gypstack closure project in Central Florida.

This crew is working on the liner installation, which includes the supply and install of 40mil, 60mil, and 80mil HDPE geomembrane. The scope of work also includes dewatering, excavation of trenches, and cleaning off and tying into the existing liner.

Once the liner is installed, it will be covered with soils and grassed by a separate contractor. The rainwater will then be deemed clean, as it is no longer in contact with the gypsum stack. This will, in turn, save the client money because it will eliminate the process of having to treat the contaminated water, leaving the customer with long term benefits.

The COMANCO crews have also had to battle against the intense Florida rainy season, making their task more difficult overall. However, these crews know just how to continue getting the work done safely and efficiently, ensuring the nearing success of another project.